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08 April 2006 @ 09:25 pm
A fresh new start to something truly amazing! I suppose my new resolution for the three-quarters left of this year is to establish an undying and everlasting blog - something that i've never accomplished in my life.

Should I start with introducing myself?

First of all, i'm horrible at grammar. All of you out there who know me would agree with me, i'm sure. So please excuse me for all the horrible and grotesque sentence structures that will appear on my blog in the future. Also, I rant a lot. I can go on forever about something totally trivial and unimportant (as I am doing now) and never really conclude something that is meaningful or of any relevance.

Things I am passionate about include: fashion design, music, singing, drawing, tv series. Though i may seem like the typical, superficial, materialistic and shallow teenager, I can assure you that I am nothing of the kind. In fact, i am much more complex and sophisticated ^^. hehe.

I live a quiet and tranquil life, yet my life's never boring =P because i have these truly amazing friends that make everyday as exciting as the last. And because of them, I am now bewildered and lost in the world of cyberspace where the only thing i can do is to express all my emotions to the world =/.

But before i begin pouring my ego to the universe, i shall go find a pretty layout. So now I am off to find my layout and until then, there won't be another post from me.
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